Home or small business phone server with Asterisk and Arch Linux

Submitted by Shaun.Foulkes on Fri, 2017/02/10 - 13:54


        Having your own phone server can do many things for you at home or your small business. Asterisk is a free open-source PBX (Private Branch Exchange) that can manage phone calls with voicemail, email notification, blacklisting/call blocking, video conferencing, instant messaging and more. For the purposes of this article we will be covering phone calls using the SIP protocol.  

Relaying system emails using Postfix

Submitted by Shaun.Foulkes on Tue, 2017/01/10 - 14:28

There are a couple of situations where you may want your server to send email through a third party provider. A common case of this is when you run a server from home such as an Asterisk PBX for your home phone. The server is capable of sending an email when a voicemail is left. In many cases sending from a home connection will not work. As a result you may need to relay your servers email to allow delivery. In this example I will be using Postfix on Arch Linux and Zoho Mail will be the mail server I will relay through.

Arch Linux on ZFS Root With Separate Boot

Submitted by Shaun.Foulkes on Thu, 2016/12/29 - 20:36

This is a guide designed to help you setup Arch Linux with root on ZFS with a separate boot partition. The boot partition can be any filesystem of your choice, but I will be using BTRFS as the example.

ZFS is an enterprise-grade filesystem that does RAID functions without the need for a hardware RAID controller. ZFS will work with a RAID controller, however, it is best used with unpartitioned raw disks. Some of the nice features of ZFS include: